The Complete System




Bud Breakfast is the ultimate combination of nutrients for growing cannabis. This is an organic powder that is activated by water, specifically to provide cannabis plants with all the nutrients they need during every stage of growth. Once mixed into liquid form, Bud Breakfast will work with most watering systems whether you are growing in dirt or hydro. Bud Breakfast has been tested on many different strains of cannabis resulting in potent and healthy crops.

Outrageous Bud, Bro is exactly the nutrient mix your cannabis plants want when transitioning from the vegetative to bloom stage. At this stage your weed plants require small amounts of phosphate when compared to their potash needs. As you transition from Bud Breakfast to the Outrageous Bud, Bro these nutrients will foster development of your highly desired trichomes.

Root Muscle is important to apply throughout all your cannabis growth stages. This is a source of plant nourishment from potassium hydroxide that triggers many benefits.

Benefits include:Clean Green Certified Organic Cannabis Fertilizer

  • Lower seedling mortality
  • Improved cloning
  • Stress resistance
  • Improved root development (strong roots make strong plants)
  • Improved absorption of essential micro-nutrients
  • Greater trichome production
  • Aids in production of other essential enzymes


Mermaid Mend is a source of plant nourishment from potassium hydroxide that triggers numerous beneficial plant responses; the most important being the total elimination of transplant shock. Without Mermaid Mend it can take your cannabis plants to 2-3 weeks to recover from transplant shock. With Mermaid Mend plants can be transplanted repeatedly without downtime. In addition, Mermaid Mend gives plants the resilience, health, and vigor they’ll need to reach their genetic potential!

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