5 Pound Organic Fertilizer Bundle

  • Organic/Clean Green Certified
  • Only 4 Products
  • Will Grow 10-16 Plants per Run
  • Micro Nutrients Built In
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • No Additives Needed


Quit Wasting Money on Dozens of Products! Good Stuff Grow’s 5 Pound Bundle Has Everything You Need to Grow Strong Healthy Plants From Seed to Harvest in a Small to Medium Size Garden!

These Organic Clean Green Certified Nutrients Will Grow Up to 16-20 Plants Per Run and Are Designed Specifically for Cannabis.

Package Includes:

  • Bud Breakfast – Seed to Harvest Nutrient
  • Outrageous Bud Bro – Your Transition From Veg to Bloom Nutrients
  • Root Muscle – Root, Trichome, & Cloning Enhancer
  • Mermaid Mend – Cloning/Transplant Shock Eliminator

For helpful information, videos, application chart(s), grow tips, and our complete product line please see our Application Chart.

*Package maybe different then pictured as we are switching packaging and artwork.

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