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Clean Green Certified™ is for the Cannabis world what OMRI is for the Agriculture world. For more info please visit their website at: www.cleangreencertifed.comClean Green Certified Fertilizer

Yes. As with anything sometimes too much is too much. A little goes a long way and is why we have our application chart for your reference. Over feeding can cause health issues to your plant; just like over eating can cause the same in humans.

The developers that designed Good Stuff Grow™ studied hundreds of leaf tissue reports from many different varieties and it’s clear that the cannabis plant needs the same mix of nutrients through every stage of growth. However the dosing changes. Just like us, as babies and seniors we don’t need to eat as much to sustain nourishment and energy. BUT as adolescents and teenagers we eat our parents out of house and home. The Application Chart shows how the meals of Bud Breakfast™ changes as it grows just like a persons eating habits. At the Flowering stage only is when you’ll use Outrageous Bud, Bro™. Root Muscle™ is to cannabis what multivitamins are to us, immune boosters, and can be used weekly from seed/clone to harvest. And lastly we have Mermaid Mend™ which is only used during cloning or transplanting.

If you plop the suggested amount into water all at once, cold water especially, the product could clump. Best practice is to put the suggest amount into an empty jar, I use a medium to large mason jar depending on the amount, fill the jar with warm water about 1/2 to 3/4 full, replace lid and shake it vigorously. When all material is mixed well it then can be mixes with cold water. NEVER feed plants with warm or hot liquid. See mixing video HERE

Good Stuff Grow will fertilize your plants and will stimulate your soils biological activity. Other then correcting growing medium imbalances, you do not need to use any other fertilizer products. 

You can use GSG products in a hydroponic systems. However it cannot be a closed loop system, it must be a feed and drain system. For hydroponic feeding cut the recommended rates in half and flush the lines after every feeding. You should also flush your growing media once a week. As our application chart states, make sure you go one nutrient free week before harvest.

Well, water properties change from one location to the next; we suggest you check and adjust PH as necessary prior to application regardless if you’re using our products or not. Water at your house could be drastically different from your neighbors. 

If you want more in-depth information on growing your own, check out our blog post. Click here for Grow Your Own 101 by Paul Sachs

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