About Good Stuff Grow

Good Stuff Grow offers a Clean Green Certified fertilizer line that was specifically designed for Cannabis! Engineered in Vermont by Paul Sachs of North Country Organics the fertilizers are water soluble and/or wettable powders and have been proven to grow fantastic cannabis. For more information please visit our Product Information page.

Meet The Team

Mike Salvaty
V.P. of Sales & Marketing

With 5 years of growing experience and over 20 years of Sales & Marketing experience; Mike brings new thinking, ideas, amazing work ethic and a competitive edge to the fast growing market in the Cannabis Industry.

Thomas Massey

With 20 years of growing experience, author of Tom’s Quick Grow Guide, and founder of Good Stuff Stores, a successful chain of smoke shops throughout Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire that was established in 1999, he is the force that pushes this company further.

Chelsea Salvaty
Customer Service & Sales Support

She’s been helping around a grow house for about 5 years now and making adult baked goods for 2! A lover of high quality cannabis herself and when she’s not baking or tending to the gardens she’s here to support you, the customer. Just like her cannabis, she wants to provide you with top quality service every step of the way.

Paul Sachs
Developer Behind What's in The Good Stuff

Although Paul Sachs doesn’t work for us, we sing his praises and appreciate his insight, wisdom, and support. He founded North Country Organics in 1983 and has offered high quality organic fertilizers and soil amendments since day one. He has also written several amazing books and believes that agriculture and horticulture can provide opportunities without damaging earth’s fragile ecosystem with chemicals.