Mermaid Mend

Mermaid Mend is a source of plant nourishment from potassium hydroxide that triggers numerous beneficial plant responses; the most important being better root development which can decrease plant shock from cloning and transplanting. Without Mermaid Mend it can take your cannabis plants to 2-3 weeks to recover from transplant shock. With Mermaid Mend plants can be transplanted repeatedly without downtime. In addition, Mermaid Medicine gives plants the resilience, health, and vigor they’ll need to reach their genetic potential!


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Grow Your Own 101

©Paul Sachs of CWO 2018 This work is an ongoing article about cannabis, its properties, characteristics, varieties; it also provides information necessary for successful production. It is ongoing because we’ll…

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Clean Green Certified Cannabis Fertilizer

A Clean Green Certified Cannabis Fertilizer The Good Stuff Grow line of fertilizers; including Bud Breakfast, Outrageous Bud, Bro!, Root Muscle, and Mermaid Medicine is Clean Green Certified. What does this…

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Application Chart

Good Stuff Grow's Cannabis Fertilizer Application Chart Good Stuff Grow's line of fertilizer products have been formulated by some of Vermont's premiere cannabis growers. Click on the application chart to…

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Commercial Grow

Commercial Growers Clean Green Certified Nutrient System for Commercial Growers! When Quality and Price Matter!Order in Bulk and Savel!Bud Breakfast  Outrageous Bud, Bro  Root Muscle  Mermaid Mend Apparel 

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