Clean Green Certified Cannabis Fertilizer

Clean Green Certified Fertilizer

The Good Stuff Grow line of fertilizers; including Bud Breakfast, Outrageous Bud, Bro!, Root Muscle, and Mermaid Medicine is Clean Green Certified. What does this mean for you? This means that Good Stuff Grow operates within legal compliance, is an advocate for consumer quality, and operates in an environmentally friendly way. Is also means our products […]

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Two Houses      Cannabis plants are dioecious (pronounced: die EE shus), derived from Latin meaning two houses. Dioecious plants have the male and female organs in separate and distinct individuals. There are male plants and female plants and more rarely, hermaphrodites, i.e., those individual plants that have both male and female organs. Like humans, […]

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Bud Breakfast Buy Now Purpose Nutrient Composition Usage Instructions Product Availability Videos Spec Sheet Purpose Bud Breakfast is the ultimate combination of nutrients for growing cannabis. This is an organic powder that is activated by water, specifically to provide cannabis plants with all the nutrients they need during every stage of growth. Once mixed into […]